Civil Construction

High-Quality Civil Construction Projects Delivered On Time and On Budget

From the valley floor to the steepest, roughest mountainside, Outback provides expert construction, site management and support services for a broad array of civil construction projects. We are experts in:

  • Access road construction
  • Bridge setting
  • Composite construction matting
  • Deep pier drilling
  • Erosion control
  • Excavation
  • Landing zone construction
  • Pole anchor installation
  • Pull site construction
  • Row clearing
  • Electric transmission and distribution (T&D) line crew support
  • Foundation installation
    • TSP, LST, LSP
    • Grade beam foundation tower mod
    • Grout-injected piles
    • Micro piles


Transmission and distribution foundation construction utilizing an extensive fleet of drilling and tooling equipment.

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Power Lines

Procurement, construction and maintenance services for energized and de-energized T&D utilities

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Design Build

Turnkey transmission and distribution electric projects from start to finish while working with our valued partners.

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Commercial Real Estate

Turnkey contractor, construction and site management services for commercial real estate projects.

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Civil Projects

2008 Round Mountain Slide

Outback’s civil team was called to help with two T-Line towers that were carrying 500KV lines. The towers had begun to slide with the uneven terrain. Working with our engineering partners, Outback successfully moved 20,000 yards of materials to help stabilize the land and towers.

2014 Lincoln Rio Oso Realignment

Outback was called to realign power lines and poles to assist a major roadway improvement heading into the town of Lincoln, CA. The project included eight drills and 38 ground personnel. This project was under construction for one year and had many deadlines to meet.

2017 Oroville Dam/Spillway Emergency

Outback successfully helped our contracting partners move 22 towers and many more poles out of harm’s way. The movement of the power lines created a safer work area and removed hazards along the way for the construction and repair of the failed spillway.

2021 Yosemite Exchequer

Outback’s civil and mechanics teams assisted a design build project in the Yosemite National park that included 78 tower foundations and 100% helicopter access. They designed and built flyable concrete baskets that allowed the crews to control the flow of concrete and cut down on costs, while being mindful of environmental impact.


Outback’s team of site foremen and equipment operators are skilled in all aspects of foundation construction. They maintain an extensive fleet of drilling and tooling equipment for use in a wide variety of soil conditions. Capabilities include:

  • TSP-drilled pier foundations
  • Lattice tower foundations
  • Spread footing
  • Drilling equipment services
  • Off-road concrete transport
  • Drilling slurry and polymers
  • Hole casing
  • Dewatering
  • Micro piles

Power Lines

Outback and its sister company, Basin Enterprises, provide procurement, construction and maintenance services for energized and de-energized aerial, overhead and underground T&D facilities. We have the flexibility, capacity and expertise to respond to everything from single customer outages to large-scale utility construction and maintenance projects, including:

  • Turnkey line construction contractor
  • Fire hardening and system maintenance
  • 24/7 emergency restoration
  • Energized construction, maintenance and repairs
  • All phases of distribution
Their experience is second to none. There are not too many people that I know that can go do what Outback does

Design Build

Outback and its engineering partners can design a complete transmission or distribution electric system, construct all structures and assist line crews to complete projects that require:

  • Concrete footers for remote access micro piles
  • Specialized equipment designed for tough and rugged projects
  • Flyable water buffalos for fire suppression in remote access areas
  • Environmental and safety minded designs
  • A controlled system to fly concrete safely into extreme terrain
  • Creative thinking to complete the project with minimal impact to de-energizing lines

Mats and Bridges

Outback gives you the eco-friendly, cost-effective mats you need for any size job. MegaDeck mats reduce dust, provide access to environmentally sensitive areas and enable fast job site reconstruction. Temporary mats are available to combat inclement weather, so your projects remain on time and on budget.  They are:

  • Molded from a single piece of HDPE for strength, rigidity and impact resistance
  • Light enough to be moved easily and strong enough to support heavy loads
  • Sealed to prevent dirt, water and debris from penetrating the mat
  • Easy to remove surface debris such as mud, sand, dirt, oil and grease
  • Quickly and securely connected to adjacent panels with a proprietary flange system
  • Designed with surface traction to provide slip resistance for humans and vehicles

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Safety on the job site is non-negotiable. We get our customers’ projects done right without compromising safety—ever.

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