The Expertise You Need for Every Underground Construction Project

Outback underground construction and installation specialists provide everything you need for your electric T&D, gas and communication projects. From trenching joint trench installation or plowing in primary, our team gets your job done safely in the most confined spaces on even the tightest deadlines. Our scope of work includes:

  • Rule 20s – residential and commercial underground
  • Primary and secondary enclosures
  • Shoring
  • Directional drilling
  • Joint trench
  • Potholing and vacuum truck services
  • Operator qualified gas personnel
  • Plow installation

Rock Trenching

Outback Underground is a top contractor when the conditions are rugged and rocky. We work with strategic partners to calculate the density and formation of the rock. In addition, we have the equipment, skills and leadership to get the toughest rock removed from excavations – we’ve never backed from these projects.

Gas Qualifications

Outback Underground is fully qualified for all types of gas distribution installation. Outback Underground has built a training system behind the employees to make sure they stay qualified and up to date on the changing standards by customers. Outback is qualified to perform fusions on all size lines in a distribution gas system and is member of both Veriforce and ITS Management Systems.

Underground Projects

2019, Los Molinos Rule 20 Relocation, PG&E

Outback Underground relocated and lowered an existing joint trench package to allow for a new storm drain installation project to prevent flooding along the highway.

2019 Butte County

After devastating wildfires in Butte County, Outback was there to help restore power, gas, and communications to those affected by the fires.

2021 Highway 162

Outback used rock trenchers excavators to hammer through the difficult terrain. We also installed almost three miles of primary underground duct and over 15 large primary vaults.

2021 North Complex Fire Rebuild

Working in the tough mountain terrain with limited services, Outback was part of the efforts to restore power to the town of Berry Creek, CA. Through the burial of essential power lines, the team was able to support the town and the entire community with access to vital energy- a major accomplishment.
Their expertise is second to none. There are not too many people that I know that can go do what Outback does.

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They’re a one-stop shop. I can basically ask them to do anything for me on a project and they can do it.


Safety on the job site is non-negotiable. We get our customers’ projects done right without compromising safety—ever.

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